About Us

Our work ethic is uncompromising and straightforward: we aim to do whatever is in our power to execute your demands and meet your needs.

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Crescent of London is a trusted buying agent company. Based in Mayfair, London, we have a unique business model and an attentive team. Because we’re located in a property investment hub, opportunities are ever prevalent and promising. What sets us apart is our list of top-class properties and an eye for detail.

Our listings include many neighbourhoods, which gives our clientele a series of options; allowing them to visit and dissect every option to their heart’s content. In a fast-paced, competitive market – every extra property viewing is advantageous.

Crescent of London puts you first. We provide a first class service unparalleled by any other business – and we are committed to performing our duties to the highest standards with each and every transaction. Crescent of London’s number one priority is ensuring every client need is met; entrust us with the variety of services we offer and we will reach a trustworthy, transparent agreement on all matters of the procedure. At Crescent of London, we are always welcoming of any concerns, questions, or complaints in the case you were unsatisfied with any aspect of our business.

Our duties mean that we don’t rest on our laurels; we are always expanding, recruiting, and strengthening our business to ascertain a reputation surpassing all others.